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FEBRUARY 22, 2017 — New Sensations announces the release of "Stags & Vixens," a new collection of hotwife vignettes from award-winning director Eddie Powell and starring beautiful up-and-comers Lena Anderson, Makenna Blue, Jessica Rex, and superstar and cover-girl Angela White.

"Artistically, hotwifing is an inspired genre that allows for a deeper eroticism," Eddie Powell said. "There's a lot to play with thematically - it's rooted in a lifestyle - and when you have a dedicated cast like we do in 'Stags & Vixens' it makes for an exciting and authentic fantasy."

"Stags & Vixens" reunites Powell with his "Sex Is for Lovers 2" star, Angela White. The pair collaborated closely to capture a kink-fueled, freeforming scene that pits White and scene partner Steve Holmes in an impassioned game of dominance and submission.

"It was wonderful to get another opportunity to shoot for Eddie Powell," Angela White said. "Eddie maintains the perfect balance between giving direction and allowing for spontaneity. This particular scene with Steve Holmes was equal parts rough and romantic. Our passion and chemistry is palpable and the scenario led us into some intense power play which I absolutely adored. I feel humbled and honored that New Sensations put me on the box cover of this movie and I'm sure fans are going to love 'Stags and Vixens.'"

"Stags & Vixens" also stars Lena Anderson as an 18-year-old bride introduced to Ramon Nomar and the hotwifing lifestyle by her experienced and thoughtful husband, Makenna Blue as a young hotwife calling on family friend and neighbor, Logan Long, while her spouse is away, and Jessica Rex as an insatiable hotwife eager to seduce her masseur, Damon Dice, and confess every detail to her loving husband.

"Stags & Vixens" has a runtime of 135 minutes and includes an exclusive photo gallery, candid Behind-the-Scenes featurette, and two bonus scenes.

To view the trailer for "Stags & Vixens," click here.

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